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Below you can read comments from people who have previously cruised with Dawn and Jason on a barge trip.

Mr and Mrs Keating2018-09U.S.A

Thank you so much for giving extra extraordinary glimpse into another side of France. Everything we saw from the barge was so peaceful and beautiful. See you again soon.

Stone Wiske2018-09U.S.A

A week of extraordinary beauty, expertise, conviviality, delights and excursions deep into French history, culture and deliciousness. The atmosphere created by the four of you has seeped into my sole permanently.

Mr and Mrs Cudecki2018-10U.S.A

We had a wonderful week! Dawn thank you for so many wonderful delicious memorable meals. We feel so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of your talents. Jason, your knowledge and with from everything from wine to history made the trip one of a kind and so enjoyable. All the crew made us feel like royalty. We will return!

Mr and Mrs Brown2018-09U.S.A

Truly a one of a kind and magnificent vacation, Dawn you are the best, we loved every meal, Jason, well such knowledge, amazing tours and your answered every single question passed you, even though it didn't pertain to whatever we were doing ha ha. Luther and Sarah were such a great crew and sooo attentive and the wine and champagne were truly phenomenal. A magical time, 5 stars all round...

Mr and Mrs Elliott2018-9U.S.A

We have always loved France. But now we love it even more, thanks to the crew of the Saroche, all of whom have made our vacation here extra special. History, lovely countryside, great meals and wine, outstanding service. May we have the privilege of barging with you again, we would be most fortunate!

John Snow2018-09U.S.A

It was beyond my expectations. Everyone was an expert at their position. But I have to give 5 stars to Dawn. Such food, visually, wonderful, great combination of textures and flavours. Outstanding. I will willingly recommend this experience to all.

Lesley and Andy Snow2018-09U.S.A

We did not want to leave. Exceptional food, wine, conversation and fun. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Mr and Mrs Cardenas2018-09U.S.A

We heard about this wonderful adventure through our dear friends. We could not have imagined just what was in store for us. From the moment we boarded to every detail being taken care of...., it far exceeded our expectations. Jason, we truly enjoy the historical tours, all the information you provided, made it fun, while learning. Dawns cooking, presentation and thoughtfulness about diet restrictions, can only be surmised as absolutely fabulous. Sara and Luther made our trip so pleasant, always being concerned with our comfort. Definitely a trip to remember and look forward to returning.

Mr and Mrs Roper2018-09USA

Our fifth time with Jason and Dawn, we could not have imagined a more perfect week. We always feel like we are visiting old friends, this is one of the most amazing vacations possible.

Mr and Mrs Walton2018-08USA

Our 3rd visit with Jason and Dawn has been the best yet. A wonderful week on Saroche. See you next year for our 4th time aboard Saroche....

Mr and Mrs Berg2018-08USA

Wow! what to say! Fine food, wines and company. A "once in a lifetime adventure" were looking to partake in again!

Mr and Mrs Haseman2018-07USA

Wow another fabulous time again on this barge, beautiful rooms, wonderful food, excellent staff. Continue living your dream so we can return for the third time! see you in 2020, if not before.

Mr and Mr Terry2018-06-19USA

One of the best barge trips or more likely, THE best barge trip we've ever been on and we have been on quite a few, NINE! The tours the food, the accommodation and most of all, the kind hospitality shown to us by all the crew was A-1, top notch-perfect. Thank you for providing a wonderful atmosphere for our dear friends to enjoy many laughs, good fellowship and many fond memories created, see you next year!


What a fantastic six days we have had here on the Saroche, slowly meandering down the Marne! Everything has been perfect from the hospitality to the excursions and the food was divine . George and I have had the time of our lives and look forward to returning some day in the not too distant future!

Tony and Susan2018-6-19USA

What an amazing trip and experience! No detail left untouched. The hospitality was warm and sincere in every aspect. Dawn's cooking was amazing, and Jason as a captain and tour guide was tremendous. I had very high expectations and you managed to exceed them! We are spoiled - we will only be able to sail on the Saroche. See you again soon.

Mr and Mrs Lester2018-6-13USA

Another wonderful barge trip filled with attention to every detail! Great food, wine and Champagne and new experiences.

Jen and Dan2018-6-9USA

Everything was perfect! We wouldn't have changed a thing, so much so, we are already making arrangements to return next year! See you again soon!

Shoko and Eddie2018-06-03USA

What a wonderful unforgettable week on your barge! It was idyllic and so special! Food was fantastic, weather too, wonderful wines and explanations.

Diana and Bob Mitche2018-05-25USA

Thank you so much for a spectacular week. You all took marvellous care of us. Fed us food that we could not have imagined and wine that we had only dreamed of. Jason the towns were just terrific, so much history, knowledge and, most importantly, enthusiasm. Dawn, every meal was a wonderful adventure and better than the last.

Chalk party2017-10-28U.S.A

Another memorable week on the Saroche. Thank you for the countless thoughtful acts and caring attention to detail. We look forward to our next cruise on board the Saroche.

Mr and Mrs Rosenwald2017-10-13U.S.A

We had the best week on our Burgundy trip! It was beautiful, relaxing and delicious. The combination scenery, food, wine, art, adventure and history was just right. What a wonderful way to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary. We hope to return for the Champagne tour.

Mr and Mrs Templeton2017-09-29U.S.A

Thank you to Dawns kindness and culinary expertise, Jason knowledge and charm of delivery and to the rest of the crew you were the best.

Carol and Larry2017-09-24U.S.A

Thank you for our joyful cruise, through Burgundy, your loving care. Fabulous cuisine, education of and about this wonderful region...homelike hospitality, which means everything to us on our journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mr and Mrs Vanderbee2017-09-16U.S.A

We will be back!

Mr and Mrs Herd2017-09-08U.S.A

Thanks to all of you for such a splendid week! We can not wait to return to experience the Champagne region.


What a beautiful experience, you are so generous, we would do it again and again and again...

Mrs and Mr vanderbur2018-09-10U.S.A

This was truly a trip of a lifetime for Gary and I. You have a wonderful home and home town. The meals, were a 10 plus Dawn. Perfect portions and the selections were delicious. Your enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of wine, history, Jason made all our excursions a pleasurable learning experience. You all made us feel so comfortable and "at home" away from our home. We can not wait to share our memories with our friends and family.

Mr and Mrs Nowak2017-09-10U.S.A

Words can never truly express what a special time we had with all of you on the Saroche celebrating 30 years of marriage. A dream come true to be on the barge. We loved our tours, the wine, the history, the wine, the food (fabulous Dawn), the wine, the countryside, the wine, our joking around, the wine, oh did I mention how much we enjoyed learning about and drinking wine? And Champagne! The trip was beyond ALL expectations and made even more perfect by your never ending hospitality, your willingness to please and your sense of humor and smiles. A 5 star Michelin trip, can not wait for a return adventure.

Mr and Mrs Hite2017-08-26U.S.A

Our fifth visit was at least, five times as good as our first. We will be back!

Mr and Mrs Herd2017-09-08U.S.A

What a wonderful vacation you gave us! Great food, good laughs, wonderful visits and fantastic wine. Jason, you make the history come alive.

The Chesley party2017-08-13U.S.A

Back again for a great week with Dawn and Jason, we will be back a third time!

The Chelbergs2018-15-07U.S.A

Your cooking skills, wine paring, Champagne knowledge and history tours made this a fantastic memorable trip.

The Levitt family2017-05-30Canada

Seriously the best ever. Best week of my life, Dawn is the greatest. Incredible thank you for the memories. See you soon for our 4th trip with you both!

Mr and Mrs Acuff2017-06-24U.S.A

Thank you for a fabulous trip through Champagne. Your hostility, cuisine, passion and knowledge of the area were over the top. The Saroche is lovely and the perfect experience for our first barge trip. We will now look forward to our next with you.

Victoria Bernard2017-05-27U.S.A

Thank you for a second "trip of a lifetime". From Chocolate and Champagne to WW1 and WW11 history, to your onboard restaurant, which should be Michelin starred. As always everything to the highest standard with warmth and friendship.

Beryl Sutton2017-05-21U.S.A

You are an amazing team, hard working, professional, your kindness and skillfullness was nothing short of inspiring. What a wonderful adventure for us all.

Mr and Mrs Kelley2016.10.22U.S.A

There are times in life when one needs to just let go of the wheel and let the current send you slowly down the river. We were at that point in our lives and the Saroche proved to be the quintessential boat and you each provided the hospitality that let us release ourselves into your care. We look forward to returning for our third time very soon.

Miss Sandford2016.10.22U.S.A

This was an unparalleled trip through Burgundy, there is so much to rave about, history, wine and spectacular meals. Yet the highlight is being in your company on the magnificent Saroche.

Melanie and Gentry W2016.10.15U.S.A

Thank you for a most memorable experience for my son and I! Your hospitality was outstanding!

Mr and Mrs Arnold2016.10.15U.S.A

Once again... We truly appreciated our time on the canal and your hospitality. Dawn we did not think your food could get any better.... We can not wait until next time, your cooking demonstrations were a real highlight as was your new spacious home, the elegant Saroche.

Mr and Mrs Vanderbur2016.10.15U.S.A

Wow, what a vacation of a lifetime. Everything from the hospitality to the tours and especially the FOOD was perfect. Everything we could ever have asked for was provided. Our first trip to France was truly seen as " it should be seen" courtesy of the exquisite Saroche and crew.

Mr and Mrs Wuest2016.10.08U.S.A

You made our 1st barge experience amazing! We can't wait to come back. Your dedication to making our days spectacular was greatly appreciated. I just can't rave enough or convey how much we loved this experience.

Mr and Mrs Oldham2016.10.08U.S.A

Once again you have made the greatest vacation ever greater! (and we have been on many barge trips). We are so happy for all you have accomplished. We're looking to our 4th trip with you next year.

Mr and Mrs Duva2016.09.29U.S.A

A most incredible trip. We have experienced a piece of heaven aboard the Saroche.

Mr and Mrs Benson2016.09.29U.S.A

This is our 3rd trip with Dawn and Jason and we loved this week as much if not more than our 1st, see you next year!

Mr and Mrs Lipinski2016.09.23Canada

Thank you the crew of Saroche for your hospitality, it has been the most relaxing holiday. Dawn your meals have been wonderful and thanks to your cooking demonstrations, I look forward to trying some of your recipes at home. Thank you Captain for your safe, amazing driving and outstanding tours.

Mr and Mrs Smyth2016.09.16Canada

Totally idyllic holiday aboard the classy Saroche with its lovely, sweet and precious crew in Alisa and John. Owner Dawn, queen of the kitchen and all things gourmet including grand cru wines. Not forgetting our superb captain and tour guide, our day trips were awesome. Thank you for forever memories, we will return.

Mrs Viger-Edson2016-09-11Canada

You all made our stay aboard Saroche. An unforgettable week of delicious memories to be talked about and shared with others for years to come. Thank you for all your caring attention , Dawn your cuisine is outstanding!

Mrs Dudgeon2016.09.11Canada

What a beautiful, relaxing week cruising down the Burgundy canal. You were the best hosts and hostesses. Fabulous food, too much good wine, lots of laughter and a very, very fun way to celebrate our 70th birthdays.

Mrs Brown2016.09.11Canada

Please except my heartfelt gratitude for the most amazing seven days and nights. I truly hope we can return to this beautiful countryside and Saroche.

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