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Below you can read comments from people who have previously cruised with Dawn and Jason on a barge trip.

Dan and Mary2021.11.27U.S.A

Loved our thanksgiving cruise with Jason and Dawn. Third time was magic, see you in 2024!

Sue and John2021.11.27U.S.A

Our third time to enjoy the Saroche! Dawn and Jason are consummate hosts and the Saroche lilts more wonderful than ever! See you in 2024!

Jeff and Sara2021.11.27U.S.A

We will be back again!

Bret and Marsha2021.11.5U.S.A

After 6 prior cruises with Jason and Dawn, you still manage to surprise and amaze us in every way. See you next year!

Lance and Janet2021.10.28U.S.A

2nd time aboard with friends Helen and Carl. Loved it all, we will be back!

Helen and Carl 2021.10.28U.S.A

3rd time, just as great as the 1st!

Bill and Yvonne2021.10.17U.S.A

A fantastic trip, loved the food, wine and hospitality, five star!


You all work tirelessly to make everything absolutely perfect. Food, wine were delicious.


What great hospitality - I loved every second!

Guin and Larry2021.10.22U.S.A

Wonderful trip, fantastic barge, delicious, food and wine. Thank you for a delightful journey!

Carol and Jack2021.10.16U.S.A

Wonderful, special, unforgettable with beautiful scenery, friends, food and wine, thank you.

Jamie and Mary2021.10.10U.S.A

Another memorable and wonderful time for us on the Saroche. Everything fabulous - food, wine and the great hospitality.

Mike and Eleanor2021.10.10U.S.A

We hate to leave! Fabulous, as always, see you next year!

Julie and Roy2021.09.24U.S.A

The best vacation ever! We never tire of being with you (6th time) and already look forward to being together again!

Sylvie and George2021.09.24U.S.A

Living the dream on Saroche for the 3rd time and looking forward to our next trip in the near future!


Fantastic trip! Jason is a laugh a minute and Dawn has changed my standard of good food forever!

Ronnie and Dianne2021.09.17U.S.A

Our 4th visit with Dawn and Jason, first in Alsace, best vacations ever! and we shall see you next year!

Karen and Lee2021.09.17U.S.A

Far exceeded our expectations and even our desires!

Bob and Julie2021.09.10U.S.A

Trip of a lifetime! thank you.

Gwenn and Richard2021.08.28U.S.A

Fourth time with Jason and Dawn. Wonderful as always and we have already booked our firth trip, Champagne in 2024!

Suzanne and JR2021.08.22U.S.A

Fabulous trip! The food and service were superb. Love you all for taking such good care of us, thank you.

Deb and Dave 2021.08.07U.S.A

We enjoyed our time immensely. Looking forward to coming back and seeing the Champagne region with you in 2024!

Deddie and Stewart2021.8.01U.S.A

Thank you for another fabulous trip, we will be back!

Janet and Rick 2021.7.31U.S.A

A wonderful time agin but only better! Love the new boat and hospitality and food, the best!

Jan and Steve2021.7.31U.S.A

So much fun...wonderful trip and hospitality. Saroche is a special place with awesome host and hostess, Jason and Dawn.

Linda and Kurt2021.7.25U.S.A

Trip number three with Jason and Dawn has impossibly exceeded the first two! Best vacation ever! We will return for number four....!

Mr and Mrs Grant2019-10-26CANADA

It truly has been a remarkable week of history, food, nature and gluttony in slow motion.

Mr and Mrs Wattman2019-10-19U.S.A

Our week aboard Saroche was an experience we will never forget. Everything from top to bottom exceeded all of our exceptions.. by miles! We are sad to be leaving you today, but are confident we will be back for Alsace!

Mr and Mrs Kemp2019-10-19U.S.A

It was by far our best vacation in every aspect, Jason's tours and narration were spot on, there are truly no words for Dawn's meals, 3 star Michelin! And Johnny's and Megans attention to detail and service just added to our enjoyment. We hope to be guests on your beautiful boat again in the near future.

Mr and Mrs Schiano2019-12-09U.S.A

Once again, thank you for your wonderful hospitality! Everything was fantastic, always, food, wine, accommodation, service and tours! We can not imagine a better time. See you in Alsace 2021!

Mr and Mrs Terry2019-10-06U.S.A

It is always a treat to be on the fabulous Saroche, your hospitality is unrivalled, looking forward to seeing you in Alsace in 2021!

Mr and Mrs Shafer2019-09-15U.S.A

Thank you for a life enriching experience and instilling in us a deep appreciation of French wine, food and canal travel.

Mr and Mrs Sullivan2019-09U.S.A

A finer crew there never could be- Dawn, your meals were a delight, so beautifully presented, truly gourmet - EXCEPTIONAL. Jason, we were always under you expert guidance and amazed by your breadth of knowledge. Megan and Jonny, complimented the team that Jason and Dawn are, by servicing our rooms to perfection and attending to every need and want, before we knew we needed or wanted for anything! We will be back!

Mr and Mrs Dixon2019-9-8U.S.A

We have no proper words to express the true delight we feel about this adventure upon this glorious barge/home. The excursions have been so enlightening and educational, the service has been top notch and 5 star. The food is indescribably delicious and delectable, every morsel and meal was our new favourite. You continuously surprised us with new experiences and joys.

Mr and Mrs Bush2019-9-8U.S.A

What a fabulous time you have given us! it was a joyous week away, we truly hope we can join you again aboard the beautiful Saroche.

The Cohen family2019-08-30U.S.A

This trip was truly a dream come true! We were celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary, joined by our two wonderful daughters. From the moment we stepped on the Saroche, to our last dinner complete with gluten free chocolate cake, pink champagne, and sparkles, everything was perfect. All the crew contributed to a fabulous, memorable week. it really was the trip of a lifetime!

Mr and Mrs Witzke2019-08-16CANADA

We want to express our fullest appreciation for the wonderful week we have enjoyed the care and attention of Jonny and Megan just superb. The creations from Dawn we will never forget. The knowledge, the history and love of wine conveyed by Jason was immeasurable. Thank you for your outstanding hospitality, Jason and Dawn.

Mr and Mrs Carriere2019-08-11CANADA

Thank you so much for one of the most special weeks in our travel history. We will always hold close to our hearts the delicious and refined dishes Dawn served, the special stories and history from Jason, Jonny what a cocktail maker! and the love of cheese and wine from Megan. We will never forget your care and the warmth we enjoyed together.

Mr and Mrs Allen2019-9-8U.S.A

We had a wonderful time, learned a lot about French history, the food was out of this world, we loved the humour of all members of the crew as well as the excellent service.

Mrs Chelberg2019-9-8U.S.A

Another wonderful trip on the Saroche for the Chelberg family! Cuisine superb, staff absolutely the very best and a lovely time for all!

Mr and Mrs Brown2019-07-20TASMANIA

What a wonderful experience, thanks to all the crew! Another marvellous holiday, this time in the Champagne region, we will see you again for the Alsace trip!

Mr and Mrs Stewart2019-07AUSTRALIA

Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Beautiful Champagne and wines, magnificent food, Dawn your love of food has given me inspiration to cook again, I will be trying your easier recipes at home! Jason your knowledge of wine and history is sooo impressive, you are a fabulous teacher. It was such a pleasure to have met hostess Megan and deck hand Jonny, what a team! Now we start saving for our return trip!

Mr and Mrs Hudnut2019-06-28U.S.A

Magnifique! We will be back.....

Mrs Hotham24/05/2019U.S.A

A superb week of sheer indulgence aboard your lovely home. Thank you for spoiling us, educating us on the fine wines of France, the bubbles du jour were a highlight of every day. Dawn deserves three Michelin stars as her cuisines is out of this world! We sadly depart tomorrow but full of great memories! We will be back for the Burgundy tour!

Mr and Mrs Keating2018-09U.S.A

Thank you so much for giving extra extraordinary glimpse into another side of France. Everything we saw from the barge was so peaceful and beautiful. See you again soon.

Stone Wiske2018-09U.S.A

A week of extraordinary beauty, expertise, conviviality, delights and excursions deep into French history, culture and deliciousness. The atmosphere created by the four of you has seeped into my sole permanently.

Mr and Mrs Cudecki2018-10U.S.A

We had a wonderful week! Dawn thank you for so many wonderful delicious memorable meals. We feel so fortunate to be the beneficiaries of your talents. Jason, your knowledge and with from everything from wine to history made the trip one of a kind and so enjoyable. All the crew made us feel like royalty. We will return!

Mr and Mrs Brown2018-09U.S.A

Truly a one of a kind and magnificent vacation, Dawn you are the best, we loved every meal, Jason, well such knowledge, amazing tours and your answered every single question passed you, even though it didn't pertain to whatever we were doing ha ha. Luther and Sarah were such a great crew and sooo attentive and the wine and champagne were truly phenomenal. A magical time, 5 stars all round...

Mr and Mrs Elliott2018-9U.S.A

We have always loved France. But now we love it even more, thanks to the crew of the Saroche, all of whom have made our vacation here extra special. History, lovely countryside, great meals and wine, outstanding service. May we have the privilege of barging with you again, we would be most fortunate!

John Snow2018-09U.S.A

It was beyond my expectations. Everyone was an expert at their position. But I have to give 5 stars to Dawn. Such food, visually, wonderful, great combination of textures and flavours. Outstanding. I will willingly recommend this experience to all.

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