Comments and remarks from guests

Below you can read comments from people who have previously cruised with Dawn and Jason on a barge trip.

Chalk party2017-10-28U.S.A

Another memorable week on the Saroche. Thank you for the countless thoughtful acts and caring attention to detail. We look forward to our next cruise on board the Saroche.

Mr and Mrs Rosenwald2017-10-13U.S.A

We had the best week on our Burgundy trip! It was beautiful, relaxing and delicious. The combination scenery, food, wine, art, adventure and history was just right. What a wonderful way to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary. We hope to return for the Champagne tour.

Mr and Mrs Templeton2017-09-29U.S.A

Thank you to Dawns kindness and culinary expertise, Jason knowledge and charm of delivery and to the rest of the crew you were the best.

Carol and Larry2017-09-24U.S.A

Thank you for our joyful cruise, through Burgundy, your loving care. Fabulous cuisine, education of and about this wonderful region...homelike hospitality, which means everything to us on our journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mr and Mrs Vanderbee2017-09-16U.S.A

We will be back!

Mr and Mrs Herd2017-09-08U.S.A

Thanks to all of you for such a splendid week! We can not wait to return to experience the Champagne region.


What a beautiful experience, you are so generous, we would do it again and again and again...

Mrs and Mr vanderbur2018-09-10U.S.A

This was truly a trip of a lifetime for Gary and I. You have a wonderful home and home town. The meals, were a 10 plus Dawn. Perfect portions and the selections were delicious. Your enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of wine, history, Jason made all our excursions a pleasurable learning experience. You all made us feel so comfortable and "at home" away from our home. We can not wait to share our memories with our friends and family.

Mr and Mrs Nowak2017-09-10U.S.A

Words can never truly express what a special time we had with all of you on the Saroche celebrating 30 years of marriage. A dream come true to be on the barge. We loved our tours, the wine, the history, the wine, the food (fabulous Dawn), the wine, the countryside, the wine, our joking around, the wine, oh did I mention how much we enjoyed learning about and drinking wine? And Champagne! The trip was beyond ALL expectations and made even more perfect by your never ending hospitality, your willingness to please and your sense of humor and smiles. A 5 star Michelin trip, can not wait for a return adventure.

Mr and Mrs Hite2017-08-26U.S.A

Our fifth visit was at least, five times as good as our first. We will be back!

Mr and Mrs Herd2017-09-08U.S.A

What a wonderful vacation you gave us! Great food, good laughs, wonderful visits and fantastic wine. Jason, you make the history come alive.

The Chesley party2017-08-13U.S.A

Back again for a great week with Dawn and Jason, we will be back a third time!

The Chelbergs2018-15-07U.S.A

Your cooking skills, wine paring, Champagne knowledge and history tours made this a fantastic memorable trip.

The Levitt family2017-05-30Canada

Seriously the best ever. Best week of my life, Dawn is the greatest. Incredible thank you for the memories. See you soon for our 4th trip with you both!

Mr and Mrs Acuff2017-06-24U.S.A

Thank you for a fabulous trip through Champagne. Your hostility, cuisine, passion and knowledge of the area were over the top. The Saroche is lovely and the perfect experience for our first barge trip. We will now look forward to our next with you.

Victoria Bernard2017-05-27U.S.A

Thank you for a second "trip of a lifetime". From Chocolate and Champagne to WW1 and WW11 history, to your onboard restaurant, which should be Michelin starred. As always everything to the highest standard with warmth and friendship.

Beryl Sutton2017-05-21U.S.A

You are an amazing team, hard working, professional, your kindness and skillfullness was nothing short of inspiring. What a wonderful adventure for us all.

Mr and Mrs Kelley2016.10.22U.S.A

There are times in life when one needs to just let go of the wheel and let the current send you slowly down the river. We were at that point in our lives and the Saroche proved to be the quintessential boat and you each provided the hospitality that let us release ourselves into your care. We look forward to returning for our third time very soon.

Miss Sandford2016.10.22U.S.A

This was an unparalleled trip through Burgundy, there is so much to rave about, history, wine and spectacular meals. Yet the highlight is being in your company on the magnificent Saroche.

Melanie and Gentry W2016.10.15U.S.A

Thank you for a most memorable experience for my son and I! Your hospitality was outstanding!

Mr and Mrs Arnold2016.10.15U.S.A

Once again... We truly appreciated our time on the canal and your hospitality. Dawn we did not think your food could get any better.... We can not wait until next time, your cooking demonstrations were a real highlight as was your new spacious home, the elegant Saroche.

Mr and Mrs Vanderbur2016.10.15U.S.A

Wow, what a vacation of a lifetime. Everything from the hospitality to the tours and especially the FOOD was perfect. Everything we could ever have asked for was provided. Our first trip to France was truly seen as " it should be seen" courtesy of the exquisite Saroche and crew.

Mr and Mrs Wuest2016.10.08U.S.A

You made our 1st barge experience amazing! We can't wait to come back. Your dedication to making our days spectacular was greatly appreciated. I just can't rave enough or convey how much we loved this experience.

Mr and Mrs Oldham2016.10.08U.S.A

Once again you have made the greatest vacation ever greater! (and we have been on many barge trips). We are so happy for all you have accomplished. We're looking to our 4th trip with you next year.

Mr and Mrs Duva2016.09.29U.S.A

A most incredible trip. We have experienced a piece of heaven aboard the Saroche.

Mr and Mrs Benson2016.09.29U.S.A

This is our 3rd trip with Dawn and Jason and we loved this week as much if not more than our 1st, see you next year!

Mr and Mrs Lipinski2016.09.23Canada

Thank you the crew of Saroche for your hospitality, it has been the most relaxing holiday. Dawn your meals have been wonderful and thanks to your cooking demonstrations, I look forward to trying some of your recipes at home. Thank you Captain for your safe, amazing driving and outstanding tours.

Mr and Mrs Smyth2016.09.16Canada

Totally idyllic holiday aboard the classy Saroche with its lovely, sweet and precious crew in Alisa and John. Owner Dawn, queen of the kitchen and all things gourmet including grand cru wines. Not forgetting our superb captain and tour guide, our day trips were awesome. Thank you for forever memories, we will return.

Mrs Viger-Edson2016-09-11Canada

You all made our stay aboard Saroche. An unforgettable week of delicious memories to be talked about and shared with others for years to come. Thank you for all your caring attention , Dawn your cuisine is outstanding!

Mrs Dudgeon2016.09.11Canada

What a beautiful, relaxing week cruising down the Burgundy canal. You were the best hosts and hostesses. Fabulous food, too much good wine, lots of laughter and a very, very fun way to celebrate our 70th birthdays.

Mrs Brown2016.09.11Canada

Please except my heartfelt gratitude for the most amazing seven days and nights. I truly hope we can return to this beautiful countryside and Saroche.


What a lovely time we had. You all made the experience more memorable. Dawn, the food was amazing! I loved every minute of it.

Susie Wild2016.09.11U.S.A

What a treat it was to celebrate our 70th birthdays with such a wonderful and charming crew. Dawn your meals were spectacular and the Saroche is so beautiful and spacious.

Mr and Mrs Polk2016.09.04U.S.A

We can not say enough to express what a wonderful time we have had with you all, in stunning Burgundy on the beautiful Saroche. Superb food and wine, amid spectacular scenery. We have to return!

Mr and Mrs Bingham2016.09.04U.S.A

Wow our fifth barge cruise with you both and it's hard to believe you can keep improving on perfection, we will be back!

Mr and Mrs Peters2016.09.4U.S.A

What a fabulous time, food, wine and beautiful Bourgogne. We're trying to figure out how we can stay for another week or two or five. We are already looking forward to next time and celebrating Mikes 70th birthday with you both.

Mr and Mrs Harvie2016.08.28U.S.A

Thank you so much for all you did to make our barge trip even more special! We've had a wonderful time.

Mr and Mrs Sievers2016.08.28U.S.A

What a great trip! So much fun. Met and made great friends in you all. We will be back!

Mike and Louise2016.08.14U.S.A

An absolutely wonderful way to celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary. We shall pass the word around our friends about you both and the beautiful Saroche.

Mr and Mrs hanegraaf2016.08.14England

Thank you again for your hospitality, charm, wit and intelligence. See you again soon.

Mr and Mrs Roper2016.05.25U.S.A

Although this is fourth barge trip with you, each one is as delightful as the last. We so enjoy being able to introduce our friends to this wonderful vacation and your outstanding hospitality. We look forward to cruising again with you in the near future.

Julie ande Chesley2016.05.11U.S.A

An Absolutely fantastic time. Everything was superb, the food, the champagne,the tours, we couldn't have asked for more.

Christos and Christi2016.05.04U.S.A

We had a great time AGAIN! Thank you so much for covering every need and request we had.

Bill and corinne2016.06.04U.S.A

We had such a super week exploring Champagne and more importantly drinking Champagne! Thanks again for more beautiful memories, we will return for a third time to expand on those beautiful memories.

Lance and Janet2016.05.27U.S.A

The scenery was unbelievable, but your collective care and attention is what makes us so happy! We loved every minute - can we come again?

Mr and Mrs De Boor2016.05.27U.S.A

This is our second trip with Jason and Dawn, it lived up to all our expectations. We will do our best to be back soon.

Mr and Mrs Swindle2016.05.24U.S.A

Thank you for your gracious hospitality. You all truly made us feel comfortable and special. Everything was wonderful, and we will forever have fond memories of our time with you on the "Saroche".

Sue and John2016.05.24U.S.A

Dawn's culinary skills are undoubtedly the most memorable of any vacation we have taken. Alisa and John were kind and attentive to all our needs. Jason's passion for wine, history and adventure made for magical moments that have made a place in our hearts.

Mr and Mrs Chalk2016-05-24U.S.A

The entire week was a delight filled with special, memorable surprises. From the delightful day trips, the unique and delicious meals, the "bubbles du jour", the graciousness of Alisa and John, And the tireless hospitality of Dawn and Jason, gave us a lifetime of memorise. Merci beacoup to the Saroche, it's owners and staff. We can not wait to return to your regional home of Burgundy, see you next year.

Mr and Mrs Gremillio2015-10-17U.S.A

You two are very talented, kind and funny. We hope to see you in the future.

Mr and Mrs Sins2015-10-17U.S.A

Words fail me to describe how wonderful was this our second trip with you and certainly not our last.

Mr and Mrs Gano2015-10-11U.S.A

Jason you have the gift of the gab and make the trip very entertaining and Dawn you are the consummate hostess and fabulous chef, providing always gracious hospitality.

Edmonds, nobles and 2015-09-28Australia

What a wonderful week of fabulous food, wine and information, thank you both most sincerely.

Mr and Mrs Melnicoff2015-09-26U.S.A

Thank you for such a memorable week. Your warmth and hospitality have made this a week we will always remember.

Mr and Mrs Zilly2015-09-18U.S.A

We planned this trip for a year and will remember it for a life time. It was an incredible trip and an outstanding week, we will return.

Mr and Mrs Bryon2015-09-18U.S.A

We loved our week with you both, many thanks for your kindness, attention and enthusiasm for this beautiful part of the world.

Mr and Mrs Williams2015-09-18U.S.A

You two are a pair of extraordinarily perfect hosts. Jason, your history information and wine knowledge were so appreciated, you are an excellent teacher. Dawn your smile and your food are incredible. A million thanks.

Mr and Mrs Sutton2015-09-11Australia

Thank you for spoiling us, so thoroughly, amazing food, interesting excursions, beautiful scenery and time to relax with friends. A great week.

Mr and Mrs Hays2015-09-11Australia

A wonderful holiday, exceeded all our expectations. Beautiful scenery, wonderful food. Thank you so much Jason and Dawn for a great week.

Mr and Mrs Clements2015-09-11Australia

A fantastic holiday, so relaxing and everything perfect, thank you.

John Linton2015-09-04U.S.A

Many many thanks for yet another wonderful trip and a special thanks for you friendship which has grown over our vacations. We have loved our times with you on the Who Knows and look forward to joining you in the future on the Saroche. All our best wishes for your continued success.

David and Pat2015-08Australia

3rd time time lucky!! And I do mean 3 times lucky, it gets better every time, we love you both.

Margaret Toolin2015-08Australia

First time aboard.. Wonderful! Excellent food, wine, company and beautiful scenery, thank you Jason and Dawn you are perfect hosts.

Robert Mccabe2015-07Greece

Nowhere on the rivers or canals of France will you find more professional barge operation than Dawn and Jason. They are highly intelligent and exceptionally well informed about French culture and history. Their friendliness and professionalism create a unique vacation for their guests. We are grateful for their exceptional hospitality.

Mr and Mrs Rockwood2015-09-08U.S.A

Thank you for a wonderful cruise, and especially for making dietary accommodations for us. We had a great time.

Colleen and Bill Ran2015-7-4U.S.A

Thank you ever so much for an amazing tour and truly fantastic vacation, for the special attention to everything from food (Dawn you are the best of chefs) to the visits and excursions filled with learning and history. You've both broadened our horizons and literally make the world a better place.

Lisa and Chris Rouss2015-07-04U.S.A

It is hard to believe Chris and I were here five years ago and have been lucky enough to return. We know our next trip with you wont take five years to arrange. We have been to many places and none of them quite compare to our journey with both of you. "Thank you" does not do justice to how much gratitude we have ... All of it.... The hospitality, fun, tastings, history On and on it goes until the next voyage.

Linda and Bart Snow2015-06-12U.S.A

Bart and I couldn't ask for a better 30th Anniversary. Your wonderful hospitality made it a truly memorable experience. We also appreciate your flexibility on the itinerary. Our French culinary tour was fabulous!!! We will not have any hesitation in recommending you to our friends.

Judy and Carl Hoffma2015-06-12U.S.A

This has to be the shortest week ever, time just flew by since we were having so much fun, what a wonderful and relaxing vacation. From the wonderful wines, Jason's incredible knowledge of the area and culture ( not to mention his hilarious stories) to Dawn's amazing food, this has been a vacation to rival all others.

Viola Ng2015-06-12U.S.A

I have to say that the food on the barge beat everything else off the barge and the wine selections were amazing ( along with the expertise). I will definitely tell all my friends about you both.

Leonard and Michelle2015-06-06U.S.A

Thank you both for a perfect week, we will always cherish these memories and with great hope, see you both again!

Frank and Donna Stev2015-05-30U.S.A

There are not enough superlatives to describe what a wonderful trip this has been! This barge trip encompassed all the parts of a wonderful vacation and then some! Thank you both for serving such great food, Champagne and wine! We are looking forward to spending more time with you guys on another barge trip, you guys are the best.

Patty and Peter Bens2015-05-30U.S.A

This is once again a wonderful week. It was perfection from the pick up day to the sad day that we departed. Dawn is a master in and out of the kitchen. Jason " you are the best" teacher, driver, captain, intellectual and for you and Dawn we are so grateful. You two become more special to Peter and I each time we travel with you.

Barb and Walter Skin2015-05-22U.S.A

Out of a possible 5 stars we have rated you both a perfect 10 . Thank you so much for a wonderful week on the canal/river and all the fun along the way... We look forward to returning and experiencing your home town of Burgundy. Best vacation ever.

Catherine Fleming2015-05-22U.S.A

Merci beacoup for a memorable adventure, as France should be "experienced" .... We gently made our way through the canals with a glass of champagne in hand, after enjoying a delightful repas prepared by Dawn... We will see you both again soon..

David George2015-05-22U.S.A

What an excellent adventure. Thank you Jason, for sharing your extensive knowledge in the most entertaining ways.... Thank you Dawn, for your fabulous food, especially the "extra" dishes for gluten free David. Both of you always made sure we were constantly well cared for and happy. Truly, the best vacation ever!!! May we meet again.

Mr and Mrs Pereira2014-09-19USA

We had an amazing time on " Who Knows" and we cannot wait to come back for the Burgundy trip! Both Jason and Dawn were superb and we came back with wonderful memories and friendships! Jason was delightful, enthusiastic, energetic and humorous as our tour manager, concierge, Barge Captain with an enviable fund of knowledge about the French history, topography, world wars, wines and what ever we asked him about, including Hospice du Beaune and wine auctions! Dawn was a sweet counterpoint with her delightful " pleasure" response to our every thank you! Amazing chef who dazzled us with her culinary skills! Both were attentive to detail and very very charming!

Mr and Mrs Farrell2014-09-19USA

Everything was perfect – the food, the wine, the excursions, the ambiance. Jason and Dawn are the quintessential hosts We felt like we were eating in a gourmet restaurant every meal. Each excursion was thoughtfully planned and flawlessly executed. Jason’s knowledge of the background for each excursion was tremendous added value. It was all wonderful. The trip of a lifetime.

Mr and Mrs Wilkle2014-09-27USA

We have had the privilege of experiencing our second cruise and your genuine hospitality, again, You both really do make dreams come true.

Mr and Mrs Monteith2014-09-27USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful week in Champagne. Your overwhelming hospitality is so greatly appreciated. You both continue to educate us on all things gastronomic, historical and just good living. We look forward to cruising with you for a third time.

Mr and Mrs Moran2014-09-19USA

Dawn and Jason are a dynamic duo....gourmet meals, well planned and perfectly executed, always attentive service and unfailing good humour.

Mr and Mrs Hite2014-09-01USA

Our 3rd fabulous trip with Jason and Dawn, what else can be said? We will be back!!

Mr and Mrs Powell2014-08-17France

We have had the privilege to get to know the who knows and who knew! It would have allowed us to pass good times with good friends, gliding along the Marne on this extrodinary week. With Dawns fabulous food, Jason's wonderful wine from all over France and bubbles at 19.30 with a different Champagne each day. Thank you for everything, your professionalism, your passion, your kindness and your smiles.

Mr and Mrs Sehelk2014-08-17France

The cuisine of Dawn is exceptional and the professionalism of Jason exclusive, what a special treat.

Patricia Franklin2014-08-17Australia

Thank you for the lovely birthday cake Dawn, I will miss you and your beautiful smile. Jason I have learnt so much about champagne and wines, you are a wonderful captain and your sense of humour, which will keep me smiling until our next trip in October 2015.

Kat Peters2014-09-03USA

The most fun I have had in a long time, I loved every minute of it.

Mr and Mrs Kettler2014-08-09USA

Dawn makes me feel special every day, Jason makes me feel a bit smarter each day. You are such a lovely couple, I wish you well in all your journeys.

Mr and Mrs Davis2014-08-2USA

Thanks so much for a return engagement, a deliciously great time. Now we await another adventure in another region!

Mr and Mrs Rochford2014-07-12USA

It is always sad when we depart the Who Knows... Both leaving the two of you and our French home away from home. The most unique and thoughly enjoyable two vacations, we have ever experienced. You are indeed a truly exceptional couple.

Mr and Mrs Gould2014-07-22Canada

Another wonderful week on the who knows....

Mr and Mrs Beard2014-07-12USA

We are fortunate to have found you and loved Burgundy in 2009. The Champagne area is wonderful also Jason is a fountain of facts and Dawn a five star chef.

Mr and Mrs Walton2014-07-03USA

Wonderful restful week. Now we plan for another!

Mr and Mrs Wade2014-06-06USA

Thank you so much for a wonderful display of hospitality. We've been sated this week with local knowledge and gourmet delights.

Mr and Mrs Jones2014-06-06USA

Perfection can not be elaborated on! It was perfection....

Mr and Mrs Hopkins2014-06-06USA

It was a week filled with fine food and wine, wonderful sites, beautiful landscapes, a week of learning and laughter. An unforgettable experience. You two have not only hosted us royally, you've shared your kind selves. Thank you!

Mr and Mrs Benson2014-05-23USA

Ahhh.......Burgundy! What a glorious week with Dawn and Jason.... Definitely one for the record book, always to be remembered. Looking forward to returning soon!

Mr and Mrs Siegel2014-05-23USA

It has been a perfect blend of learning history, relaxing, with superb food and wine. Many thanks to Dawn and Jason, who set and met the highest standards as chef, captain, and hosts. We hope we'll be able to come back and do it all over again!

Mr and Mrs Brown2014-05-25USA

A perfect week with great food, amazing wines and beautiful scenery and charming company. We will be back ...

Ms Hendersons 2013-10-05U.S.A

Another wonderful visit, and already planning the next one!

Mr and Mrs Peters2013-10-05U.S.A

Every day was special, each one seemingly better than the one before as Dawn and Jason work together like a well choreographed ballet, spoiling us at every turn and pirouette. Cannot wait to return!

Mr and Mrs Crawford2013-09-28Australia

We all had such a wonderful time two years ago we worried as the time grew closer to this trip that it might not live up to our memories and expecting s. We need not have been anxious! We are now looking forward to the next trip.

Mr and Mrs Ross2013-09-21Australia

You two certainly know how to make people feel at home and relaxed on a holiday. The highlight of our European vacation AGAIN!!

Mr and Mrs Burke2013-09-14Australia

Here we are again, where Dawn and Jason have the best recipe for amazing food, accompanied with just the right wines, mixed in with all the right fun and laughter. We will be working on coming back.

Bret Baker2013-09-07U.S.A

Another wonderful trip on the Who Knows. Everything was superb! Such a pleasure to spend time with you both. We will see you again soon.

Mr and Mrs Vermaas2013-08-31Australia

Another fabulous week on the Who Knows! Thank you for the care you take to ensure our stay is perfect. We look forward to seeing you again!

Helen Hefner 2013-09-06U.S.A

Thanks so much for a THIRD! wonderful barge cruise. We hope to see you in 2015 and we are confident the fourth trip will build on the others and leave us looking forward to the fifth trip.

Anna Nelson2013-07-06U.S.A

Thank you for reminding me that life is filled with passion (food and wine), pleasure, and pastoral beauty.

Mr and Mrs Ure2013-06-23Australia

A feast for all the senses! A wonderful time. Perfect in every way.

Mr and Mrs Stasiukyn2013-06-23Australia

Thank you for a wonderful taste of Burgundy - food, wine, history and relaxation. Very professional and it was lovely to be pampered.

Pam Ireland2013-06-06U.S.A

You have a wonderful partnership, as well as a special talent for making your guests feel both both like your most precious cargo and comfortable friends. We don't want it to end . The only consolation are our memories and the hope that we will be back to do it again before too long!

Mr and Mrs Rella2013-06-01U.S.A

Our girths have grown due to the indulgent intake of food and wine, as has our smiles due to the good times we experienced whilst in your company.

Mr and Mrs Sutter2013-06-07USA

Truly a trip of a lifetime, we hope to have the good fortune to return on another adventure with Dawn and Jason.

Mr and Mrs Hillyard2013-05-19USA

Jason and dawn are perfect hosts. Dawns cooking was amazing and Jason's knowledge of history and wine was incredible. I could not wait for him to tell a story of the area we were about to go and visit. It was a delightful trip and we defiantely want to return for another journey with Dawn and Jason.

Mr and mrs McDowell 2012-10-5Australia

Who knows...... How to cook the best cuisine. All the history of the area. What food should be served with each wine. The best canal route in France. All the best local restaurants. How to make guests unwind and relaxed. How to make life time memories. How to make us all feel special. Extensive wine knowledge of the region and more. How to give clients a true French experience. Excellence. Dawn and Jason Do!!!!!! We shall return.

Mr and Mrs Duggan2012-8-22USA

All the senses! Priceless knowledge! Care for detail! Daily kindness! Thank you both for creating a rare life experience, we will always remember.

Maeve Marks2012-9-8France

Thank you Dawn and Jason for an introduction into traveling first class and eating in a 3 star floating restaurant. I could get used to this way of life but with all dreams, one wakes up!

Mr and Mrs Roper2012-8-10USA

We cannot believe our good fortune in being able to join you for a second barge experience. You truly made our 30th anniversary week memorable in so many ways, we hope to be able to join you again for a different view of "France as it should be seen"

Mr and Mrs Powis2012-7-14USA

Such a fabulous week. Great food, wine, luxury and most of all wonderful hosts. An amazing experience that will stay with us for a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you again.

Mr and Mr Schneider2012-7-3USA

We had an experience beyond our expectations! The food, the wine, the attention to detail and most of all your passion for " the French way of life". Sharing that with us is a memory we shall never forget.

Mr and Mrs Blumenfie2012-7-3USA

Whilst having many trepidations regarding our first trip to France, what with our almost complete lack of language skills, we must say that this has easily been our most memorably vacation. From the accommodation to the phenomenal attention to detail, depth of knowledge of the area and easy going manner, your product ( our experience) was just wonderful.

Roz Blumenfield2012-7-3USA

Thank you for the most memorable experience of my all my travels. Dawn is the coolest, sweetest, most gifted chef. The food she prepared was superb. Jason's knowledge of the wine and history of the countryside is mind boggling. My wish is to travel with you both, in any capacity and as soon as possible.

Mr and Mrs Hazard2012-6-22USA

I don't know when we have ever been so relaxed and enjoyed ourselves so much. It has been something so unexpected, from the minute we boarded. The beautiful boat, your unbelievable cooking Dawn, your wealth of knowledge Jason, being with friends and how beautiful France is just cruising the canal. Thank you for all your hard work and never letting us help.

Mr and Mrs Reeves2012-6-22USA

It truly has been the most complete but yet relaxing vacation we have ever been on. We will be sharing our experiences of the "who knows" with friends back home.

Mr and Mrs Walron2012-6-22USA

We have a painting in our home of a canal in France. For years I have imagined myself in that scene. Jason and Dawn you have made my dream vacation into a reality that much exceeded my imagination.

Mr and Mrs Strong2012-5-15USA

I really don't want to write this as it means that this is our last day. We admire your choreography of this wonderful " ballet" you created around us all week. An incredible week made for memories to share with out kids. P.s while sobering up slowly, lets not forget the thank you for your education on the regional wines that leaves us all thirsty for more.

Mr and Mrs Callow2012-6-1Australia

There have been so many wow moments. What an amazing week! We have run out of superlatives. We shall return, there are many many more experiences to share.

Mr and Mrs Dalby2012-6-1Australia

" how lucky are we?" What a fabulous holiday. Dawns cooking is memorable and just brilliant. Jason's knowledge of the history of the local area and wines couldn't be better. I hope we get an opportunity to do it again some time.

Helen Bee and Carl d2012-5-25USA

You have fed us fabulously, ( thanks for much to Dawn for catering to my vegetarian needs so well), taught us, laughed with us, and generally created contentment which was not a state we enjoy that often! We will recommend this trip to one and all and will hope to be back for another round soon.

Mr and Mrs Monteith2012-5-11USA

France is such a wonderful place. Always has been my favourite, we've been fortunate to visit here many times. I want you to know that this has been by far our best visit. The food and wine are our passions and Dawn prepared our cuisine like a 3 star Michelin chef. Always describing the dishes and presenting them in the finest fashion. Jason is a walking encyclopaedia, the tours, wine presentation, cheese etc are the best we've had. The "Who Knows" is a craft I lust for. Jason and Dawn have done a wonderful job of refurbishing an old barge into a comfortable hotel. We shall return!

Mr and Mrs Wilkie2012-5-11USA

We have been totally overwhelmed with the wonderful service , accommodation, food and wine. You both have been gracious, informative and just plain delightful. This was are first European trip and it won't be our last. The "Who Knows" is the way to travel this beautiful part of France.

Karen Conley2012-5-4USA

I don't know that I will ever have a trip as luxurious, relaxing, interesting and delicious. Your care, humour, and gracious hospitality inspire me!

Trish Davis2012-5-4USA

This cruise was woefully under promised and hugely over delivered . We did not anticipate the knowledge! Care! Humour! Enthusiasm! Deliciousness ! That we were treated with all week. I've no doubt that persuading my pals to accompany me on another adventure aboard the who knows, will be one of the easiest tasks in my future.

Mr and Mrs Bell and2011-10-7USA

Thank you for such a wonderful week, we have thoroughly enjoyed the whole barging experience. Your professional approach and attention to detail are second to none. But it's your friendly, welcoming hospitality that made our week such a joy. Jason's tours and tasting and Dawns food, the local restaurants were all superb. The peace and tranquility of watching the French countryside glide by was just what we needed. This week has been the highlight of our month in France. We have loved every minute. We will be return.

Mr and Mrs Singleton2011-09-30Canada

This has been an awesome week! We had perfect weather. Our cosy room 5 was excellent. Dawns cooking! Unfortunatly the other restaurants could not compete! We loved waking up on the canal, riding along the tow path and lounging on the deck. We learned so much about Burgundy wines, jasons extensive knowledge is wonderful. We definatly plan to return.

Mr and Mrs Harvey2011-09-30Canada

This trip was all we could have hoped for, more than was promised and most importantly, a friendship and memories to last a lifetime.

Mr and Mrs Khouri2011-9-23USA

Words dont begin to explain what à wonderful Time we have had. We suspected but it passed all expections. Dawn, your meals have surpassed all. Jason, your font of information knows no bounds. We will return!

Mr and Mrs Turnball2011-9-16australia

For all 6 of us, when people ask us what was the highlight of our Trip, unamimously it has been the week we spent with you. Im afraid the who knows cookbook has become tattered and torn showing it off.

Mr and Mrs Brubaker2011-10-9USA

Top 10 reasons why this is the best vacation:- 1. Dawn is the best of the morning... Noon and night. 2. Cocktails start at breakfast. 3. Straight, flat paths in beautiful, tranquil countryside in which to walk and cycle along. 4. Jason the encyclopdia. 5. The floating Wine cellar. 6. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - its all about gourmet chef Dawn. 7. The Ashcrofts Quick wit and sense of humour. 8. The towel fairy... How does Dawn find the time. 9. Most of all, à special time with old friends, new friends in Dawn and Jason. 10. Grand marnier soufflés

Mr and Mr Brooks 2011- 9-16Australie

Your attention to details, amazing food and wine, kindness and conversation have made our adventure with you a surprise " around every corner". We hope to return in the future.

Mr and Mrs Excelby2011-9-16Australia

We have loved every moment of our week with you. There has been delightful surprise every day. You are the perfect hosts, we hope many Aussies get the opportunity to sail aboard the " who knows".

Mrs Eastman2011-9-2USA

You two are so professional, so personable, so competant and to top it off, "who knows" is a beautiful boat along with an extremly comfortable home for a week.

Mr and Mrs Heinrich2011-9-2USA

Thank you a perfect combination of natural beauty, history and of course, the terrific food and wine. The two of you are a wonderful compliment to each other - each in there own way added so much to the experience. Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Clark2011-9-2USA

We are so blessed to have spent a week with you on the who knows. We pinch ourselves to have found ourselves in your good care for a most perfect week. Thank you for making this truly, the trip of a lifetime.

Mr and Mrs Zoft2011-7-29USA

Each day was filled with greatness, from the barging, historical tours, incredable meal with such creativity not forgetting our wine tasting as Patriarche was priceless. The "who knows " is truly the diamond on the canals.

Mr and Mrs Shackman2011-7-29USA

A truly unique and different vacation, from the tours to the dining experience. Thank you both so much.

Mr and Mrs Vermaas2011-7-23Australia

We have travelled extensivly and enjoyed many different experiences, but the who knows ranks as the most memorable and enjoy able holiday we have had. Jason and Dawn were exceptional hosts and made us feel very welcome and privileged. We definatly want à return visit. Thank you so much for making Jodi's 40th birthday so truly mémorable and such a special day. It will be very difficult to top this in future years!

Mr and Mrs Dickie2011-7-16Australie

The trip exceed our expections. Your kind hospitality, fabulous food and wine, perfectly maintained barge, combined to make thé voyage a wild success! We have enjoyed every second of it.

Mr and Mrs Mildenhal2011-7-16Australia

Words cannot describe the wonderful experience you have bestowed up on us. Jason your incredably enlightling tours, Dawn your exquisit food, your hospitality and extremlely well planned itinerary. The most memorable week of our lives.

Mccallums, morrisons2011-07-04USA

There is à beautifull barge called "who knows" That after some research we chose We boarded the barge on a clear summers day Hear is some thing on which we all concour Great food, wine and hospitality - all de régleur ! So let me tell you some thing Of our week in July . Restaurants, vine yards, châteaux extraordinaire . We tasted wine pas ordinaire. With Jason the skipper, sommelier and guide. And Dawns haute cuisine with which we were plied. For all those who follow the message is clear: If you are looking for heaven You will find it right here.....

Mr and Mrs Mason2011-6-25New Zealand

We are filled with awe and admiration for your multiple skills - host and hostess... Chef and House mistress ... Helsman and boat master. Our week on the who knows is well etched into our memory. Our best wishes for your continuing success so richly deserved.

Mr and mrs Diddy2011-6-10USA

Everything about our week with you exceed our expections. We loved the beauty and peacefullness of the surroundings. Dawn- you were always ready to Help and usually anticipated our needs - always cheerful and pleasant, but it was your cooking which is remarkable. You created delicious meals - delicate and beautifully presented- a joy to be hold. Jason - you are an excellent barge captain and knowledgeable tour guide, we learnt a great deal about France and its history.

Mr and mrs faitage r2011-05-29USA

Everything from the grand-fabulous meals to the smallest details, could not have been more perfect. A vacation we will tresure.

Kim Smith and Tim ca2011-05-29USA

Even better than last year!!!!

Helen Hefner and Joh2011-05-27Mu USA

Who knew..... That we would return six years later, to another magical experience. The second trip was better (if possible) than the first and we are already looking forward to the third trip. We can not say enough good things about the food, the Wine, the cheese, the excursions and of course, the wonderful service and comraderie.

Mr and Mrs Neuberger2011-5-20WA USA

It was very hard to imagine that our second cruise with Jason and Dawn would or could be better than the first but it was. The food, conversation, choice of Wine and cheese were out standing . We will return again!

Mr and mrs Oldman2011-5-20WA USA

The second time around was even better than the first. You have this barges wonderfullness nailed!

Cal and Karen Van Es2010-10-10CA. USA

Jason and Dawn we so loved the special days that you created for us. The warm welcome, fabulous meals, beautiful scenery and great accommodation. We were so blessed by all you did to make all the special memories we take home to Colorado. thank you for sharing the Who Knows with us

Kate and Bob Henders2010-09-19MI USA

As we were looking at the view from Chateauneuf, Bob and i commented that pictures could never do it justice. Well, words cannot do justice to the experience we have had with you and our friends on the Who Knows. you have created such a warm and friendly atmosphere and such attention to detail! Perfect in everyway. Thank you.

Bob and Nancy Halle2010-09-12MA USA

Thank you for the most wonderful week it has been above and beyond our expectations. The wine tasting tours and feasts were fantastic. We look forward, God willing, to seeing you in a couple of years.

David and Juliana He2010-09-05FL USA

the whole experience was beyond our wildest dreams, if I could figure a way i would be a stowaway and spend several more weeks aboard the Who Knows.

Barb and Rick McMurr2010-08-13BC Canada

thanks for making this week so memorable. you assisted us in realizing a dream and fantasy we've had for years. there was never a moment that will not remain as a fond memory of a wonderfull trip for both of us.

Eve Kassel2010-07-18USA

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Simply put, I could not have imagined a more special, unique, comfortable and above all just absolutely pleasurable vacation

chuck and Elizebeth 2010-08-01FL USA

Making a barge trip on the French canals has been on our "Bucket List" for over 20 years. We are delighted to say that our trip on the Burgundy canal exceeded our expectations by a huge margin. Our biggest and most positive surprise was Jason@s encyclopedic knowledge of French history, Culture, wine making, Etc. Dawn, you cooking was sensational and your friendly, charming personality infectious.

Selver family2010-07-18N.Y. USA

thank you so much for our week in paradise. the knowledge imparted, the comfort, the ease, the pace, the shared laughter, the most scrumptous meals and prolific flow of incredible wines. it has been so much fun! the oohing and ahhing expressed when we first saw and embarked on the Who Knows will be with us forever.

Orlin Family2010-06-20MD USA

this was a long anticipated trip and it surpassed all our expectations everyday we felt lucky to be on the boat, to have the benefit of Jason's knowledge and Dawns cooking. The boat is as beautiful as the countryside, most of all thanks for the warmth and constant thoughtfullness and of course the great memories. Mum's birthday cake was beautiful.

Chris Powlan and Deb2010-06-06CA. USA

thank you for a lovely week, the time on the barge was better than i imagined, dawn is a fantastic chef and jason a fantastic tour guide and sommelier. hope to see you again soon we will be back.

Judy and Brian Schin2010-05-23CA. USA

Who knows? Jason and Dawn know how to deliver a fantastic experience. From my Family and me this has been one of the most enjoyable weeks that we have ever had. Jason Knows history, politics, piloting and wine. he knows how to explain and present Burgundian wines, Dawn knows how to produce fantastic food, she also knows how to make the guests feel welcome and she simply brightens the day

Jean Mackenzie and J2010-05-16Ohio, USA

A trip of a life time. Jason's knowledge of the local history is exceptional, Dawns cooking put everything else to shame.

Malcolm and Sara Cut2010-05-21Ohio, USA

This trip has created so many memories for the 6 of us- Jason and Dawn have it right- we are grateful to be the recipients of this barging experience, gourmet meals, interesting historical information and gracious hospitality.

Robyn and Colin Daws2010-08-02Auckland New Zealand

Thank you Jason for all the great information, our knowledge of wine now goes far beyond just drinking it. Dawn, the breadth of culinary experiences has added kilo's to our already expanding bodies. A truly unforgettable experience. thank you

shelagh and Ralph Lu2010 -05-02Perth Australia

A heart felt thank you for hosting us in your beautiful home. the week has exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Always entertaining and educational. Dawn your cooking was just unreal and we really felt at home. We take many great memories home with us and will be sharing laughs with our friends for many years to come.

Peter and Jenny Cark2010 -05-02Perth Austral

to Jason, the historian, tour guide, sommelier who is so eloquent in his many stories and sharing his experiences, and to Dawn "the Fairy" who is always looking after, caring and cooking wonderful treats. A VERY BIG THANK YOU you are a wonderful couple.

Oleg Kurchenko2009-08-28Russia

We had the best journey of our lives. France has opened through a cocktail of fine wines exceptional food and authentic historicle sites. Jason and Dawns proffesional hospitality helped us to make the five days feel like a much longer holiday with never ending fun

Anne and Mick Kirk2009-08-07England

Thank you so much Jason and Dawn for being such hospitable hosts and attending so well to our every whim. This has been a great week and I'll always remember your good humour and the wonderfull scenery and of course the food

Mr and Mrs Curzon-Si2009-07-31USA

Everything you did for us was superb. We truly enjoyed every moment of our trip.

Rangnar Knutseb2009-07-05Norway

It was truly relaxing to slip into the pace of the boat and to be so well cared for.

Jim Sheerler2009-06-26USA

Thank you for opening our eyes, and our minds and for bringing the landscape to life. Thanks to Jason for letting our son James drive the barge!

Karin Knutsen2009-07USA

Thank you, the week was a dream! Delicious meals served with special French wines..... What a treat!!!! We wish you much sucess and hope to see you again soon.

Carol and John Roach2009-05-22USA

"how can we ever thank you for your hospitality, your shared expertise in Burgundian history and culture and your incredible skills on the culinary arts, but perhaps mostly for your accomdating gracious spirit. Our holiday aboard the Who Knows has exceded all our expectations."

Mr and Mrs Kostic2008-10-17USA

Who Knows was a real surprise for us, we did not really know what to expect and we loved every minute with you, your hospitatlity and charm. Thank you for a lovely 50th wedding anniversary and 80th birthday!

Paula and David2008-10-08Australia

Thank you for being such gracious and thoughtful hosts and making our holiday relaxing with lots of 'special' thrown in. The 'special' is what makes the holiday last in your memories.

Mr and Mrs Burke2008-10-03Australia

There are memories through our lives that will remain forever, and we know this is one. It has been a dream of ours to come on a barge trip for over 25 years, and this reality has proven even more than we ever dreamed. Its been a great week of fun and laughter made all the better by our hosts. The trip more than met our expectations, many thanks!

Mr and Mrs Russell2008-08-27Australia

Jason and Dawn, you are a great team, you have made our canal trip a fantastic dream. Jason, you have taught us that nothing will do but to partake each day with a premier cru! Dawn, we can not say enough about your cuisine - and housekeeping practices - oh! so pristine! The trip to l'hospice de beaune was one that will always stand alone.

Mr and Mrs Scheirer2008-08-13USA

It is now the end of a week, that has exceeded our expectations by far. Thank you Jason and Dawn for the great care to detail. From the infomative tours to wine tasting. To the incredible food and wine. It has been a truly amazing week for all of us.

Camille Hurwitz2008-7-18USA

My hesitation to leave my home for a barge vacation in France very quickly disappeared thanks to your wonderful hospitality and warm friendship. Within a day or so i was referring to the barge as "home". I will definitely recommend your barge to my family and all my friends in Dallas.

Lehn and Richard Goe2008-05-17USA

You truly made our trip wonderful. You both have a gift and we feel lucky to have spent time sharing your beautiful barge and home. The food was delicous and your attentive and caring service superb. We thouroughly enjoyed our day trips,tours and learning more about Burgundy. We will recommend the Who Knows and hope to be back barging with you again.

Mr and Mrs Sorenson2008-09-12USA

We will not hesitate to recommend you both. Our week was more than we could ever have expected.

Bob and Mary Paulin2008-05-31USA

What an unexpected treasure! The tranquil canal, birds singing, wonderful woods and charming little villages. No sound other than the birds. It is known as "food for the soul" Thank you for your kind attention, wonderful food and extreme knowledge of the history of the wonderful countryside.

Sue and Tom Berna2008-05-31Switzerland

Floating through the peacful countryside was a delightful new experience for us. We find it an ideal way to travel! Particulary attractive when so lovingly cared for and spoiled by the thoughtful Dawn and Jason. The sightseeing was professionally led and commented. We enjoyed it along with the excellent food and wines as well as the relaxed atmosphere on board. We are already looking forward to the next trip!

Andrew and Nicola2008-04-19Australia

Every now and then you go on a holiday that goes way beyond your expectations, This was it!!!!

Mr and Mrs Lugge2008-04-19Australia

A remarkable experience! Thank you so much. We can not fault a thing! just perfect.

Cath Webb and Steve 2007-09-28Ca USA

Thanks for a superbe week of barging. I slept better than ever. Dawns food was out of this world. Jason ability to share information was great. The week was a feast for our eyes, our bodies, our souls.

Dick and Joanne Rown2007-09-21OR USA

It was a wonderful week! the meals were perfect and Jasons knowledge of history and wine added so much we loved every moment of it. Thanks Jason and Dawn

Gwen and Richard Old2007-09-21FL USA

Great food, great wine, great friends, great times, it far exceeded our expectations we loved every minute, thank you Dawn and Jason for a perfect week.

Tina and Gray2007-07-15Auckland NZ

what an amazing wondeful experience. Jason and Dawn you are fantastic hosts, many thanks for the absolute wind down and relaxing experience. It was pricless to share our engagement with you both ON THE DECK OF THE WHO KNOWS. sweet memories abound.

Diana and Sam2007-07-08CA USA

We are so glad that Nicolas told us about you both we will remember the wonderful time we had with you and the exquisit countryside.

Peter and Tracy Hurm2007-06-10WA USA

Dawn and Jason are a pair of Aces so perfectly matched for this endeavour. Thank you for the entre (and entrees) to Burgundy. Great success to you. I appreciated you kind care of my vegetarian needs... deliciously

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